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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

You can begin with 2 users and can scale upto over 1000 users.

Yes. CRM has integrated email gateway. You have to provide your SMTP and email id with password and you are done with email feature.

Yes you can define your own workflow as per standard business practice. For any specific business practice our development team assist for customization.

We guarantee configuring, implementing and training of our CRM go live in less then 7 days. If you have any specific needs then it depends on gap analysis.

Yes. Simply enter your contact details on contact form requesting POC. We will give you 7 days obligation free full access control of Business Suite CRM.

Yes, we have mobile client running on mobile. However Business Suite CRM is developed with responsive technology and we recommend you can use same on mobile. You will enjoy same features of web and hassle free with cost saving on license investments of mobile client.

Yes it is simple and through API you can integrate Business Suite CRM with your website. By doing this any contact registered on website shall automatically start flowing in Business Suite CRM.

Business Suite CRM has very strong feature to manage and send quotations.

You can send your email campaign. Email campaigns can be send as per your needs, meaning specific to contact, product or source or any other.

User roles and group policies well defined as per needs and it is simple and very user friendly.

If you want your users to access only specific page, then it can be defined.

Business Suite CRM can be deployed on your server, your cloud or on our service cloud.

Business Suite CRM has feature of uploading your contact. Just map your columns in excel with our database and your are done with this feature. You can define many mapping tables as you wish.

Business Suite CRM has contact, lead, prospect, followup, auto reminders, stage changes and viewing on stunning calendars of entire activity.

Business Suite CRM has feature where you can monitor your entire activity day wise, week wise or month wise.

Business Suite CRM has strong scheduler and that takes care of entire email reminders to users.

Business Suite CRM has timesheet module. From there you can open project and ask your employees to enter time they spent on projects. You can see stunning analysis on screen with total time spend on project, employee performance etc.

Business Suite CRM has broadly 3 variants Suiteable to SMBs to large enterprise. They called as basic, standard and enterprise.

Business Suite CRM automatic scheduler takes care for same 24 x 7 and 365 days.

There is no cap on storage. But depending on your plan we restrict database storage.

Business Suite CRM has very good audit trail feature. You can cross check any unauthorized logins by user. Even we provide IP address along with date and time stamps.

Administrator has locked CRM and hence you can access from pre-defined IP addresses only. So contact administrator and ask them to give you authorization.

Contact Business Suite CRM support team. You are exceeding limit of users granted to you.

Please check SMTP or your email id or password. Also check that you have exhausted limit of email sending capacity in Business Suite CRM. You can contact us to upgrade your limit for sending emails.

Business Suite CRM has calendars for new contacts, leads or prospects, followup, birthday and anniversary.

BS CRM allows admin to customize their email or sms template. There they can add their company signature as footer.

Business Suite CRM has feature to change theme and colour of entire CRM as per admins liking.

Business Suite CRM has feature to export your data into xls or csv format.

Business Suite CRM has feature to periodically backup of your data to third party cloud. This feature is at additional cost.

Business Suite CRM is fully secured. Solution is hosted according to customers requirements. Customer can deploy solutions on their own server. For ease and comfort we have our own servers and can be available on rent on monthly basis to customers to avoid any infrastructure management issues.

• Training support : ( complementary )  1 Week onsite training free after product purchase.  Every saturday regular training at our place.  Over team viewer. • Implementation support-  We guarantee that Business Suite shall be operational in less than a week.  2 hours monthly basis free. • Version updation –  underSaaS it is free.  Under ownership it is 20 % ALS after 1 Year.

We offer 2 Hours development support on monthly basis for any customization. ( This will depend on product editions ) • For any additional customizations 10 USD Per man hour.

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