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Knowledge Center Overview

    Manage, Publish, Retrieve and Present. Infromation at the touch of fingertip !!! Business Suite knowledge centre provides business solutions to variuos customers and allowing them to share the informatin at touch of fingertip. Simple and easy deployable Intranet Portal provides all the features to securely manage your documents and functionality for employee to acces the right information at the right time. Business Suite solutions help in reducing capital and operational costs with higher performance utilisation. Manage your IT infrastructure smartly and grow leveraging our solutions and improve your total cost of ownership.

Business Suite Knowledge Center Features
  • Organization wide Information at the touch of Fingertip
  • Consists of Blogging, News, Tickers, Event Management and Document Management System.
  • Fully Interactive and agile
  • Simple integration, management and Configuration
  • Dynamic Intranet Portal - Web Based
  • Powerful content and information search
  • Brings Collaborative Intelligence
  • Huge user time saving
  • Complete Business Suite for SMBs and Enterprise
AI-Powered Chatbot
  • Chatbots are type of content that gets a company to interact and communicate with its audience in a quick, fun, and effective way.
  • Chatbots are type of content that gets a company to interact and communicate with its audience in a quick, fun, and effective way.
  • Chatbots can be a powerful tool for improving user experiences. They are commonly used for customer support, website help and more. With a structured content strategy and AI powered Chatbots, Sapphire has expertise in producing meaningful content.
  • We believe for chatbots to work well, one need structured content.
  • There are three main elements to chatbot interactions: context, intent, entity.
    • Context - the reason for the interaction
    • Intent - the purpose or goal of the interaction
    • Entity - delivering the content that is required as a result of the interaction (this is where structured content comes into play)
  • Leverage the power of Sapphire’s chatbots to upgrade customer experience, drive conversions and reduce customer support costs.
  • Sapphire’s chatbots are customised and designed to connect with any type of database. Powerful middleware with AI powered engines and machine learning algorithms imparts rich user experience with meaningful conversation.
Key Features
  • Give your bot an engaging personality
  • Offer an interactive experience
  • Keep interactions short and meaningful
  • Rich content models
  • AI powered
  • Can integrate multiple agents on concurrent basis
  • Very light weight and real time BOT
  • Capable of retrieving data from any database through API
  • Interact and communicate with visitor leveraging AI capabilities
  • Has in built Email scheduler to send emails to visitor
  • Capable of displaying images to make conversation more meaningful
  • Capable of delivering brochures in pdf, audio, tutorials of video to visitor
  • Easy to customise with own logo
  • Easy to integrate with any website
  • Scripted nesting capabilities upto infinite level
  • Integrated with real time zones to keep the track of audit trail
  • 24x7x365 running alongwith website
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