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    Finance Suite, provides business solutions to Stock Brokers, Investment Advisors, Chartered Accountant firms, Practitioners, Wealth Management advisors, LIC/GIC Practitioners and Asset Management Companies, allowing them to leverage their business with Information Technology. Simple and easy deployable Web based software provides all the features to securely manage data and functionality to access the right information at the right time. Business Suite solutions help in reducing capital and operational costs with higher performance utilization. Manage your IT infrastructure smartly and grow leveraging our solutions and improve your total cost of ownership. Manage, Publish, Retrieve and Present. Information at the touch of fingertip !!!

Finance Business Suite Features
  • Generate Business through cold calls
  • Offer Product Descriptions and scripts available for cross selling
  • Add Leads and prospects from external sources like database, excel etc.
  • Calendars, Dashboards, Event Reminders
  • Maintain Corporate Customers track information
  • Maintenance and Customer Relationship support for post sales
  • Setup Payment Installments - Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly for automatic reminders
  • Stay in touch with your contacts on occasions by enabling Automatic Greetings feature Get detail analysis & statistics of conversion of business generated through Radio Marketing, Trade Shows, Paper Advertisement, etc.
  • Measure your sales team performance and accordingly appraisals
  • Room Booking Management
  • Keep watch on Average Revenue per Person
  • Keep watch on Average Revenue per Room
  • Integrate with Tally for Accounting
  • Collaborate various locations activity seamlessly