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    Enterprise Mobility extends customized, cost-effective mobile information systems for any business. Business Suite ensures mobile workforce can view, send, and receive unique, business-critical information, using the latest generation of affordable handheld devices.

    Leveraging Business Suite Enterprise Mobility solutions, small operations can afford to implement the same high-end information collection systems of their larger competitors. Larger companies can improve the efficiency of existing mobile information systems with a highly customized software package.

    Business Suite has Strong software development and deployment experience in handheld PDA based applications.

Enterprise Features
Extensive Experience in Development on various handheld platforms
  • PocketPC, Mobile 5.0, J2ME
Strong industry experience and proven results in providing mobility solutions for a variety of markets:
  • Field Service/CRM
  • Stock/Equity
  • Automobile Verticals
  • Field Sales Automation
Enterprise Mobility - mobile information systems increase your productivity by:
  • Increasing the speed of information exchange between a central location and remote locations
  • Increasing information accuracy
  • Improves data integrity
  • Accurate data collection/transfer
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Reducing information redundancy
  • Reducing human error
For larger organizations to maximize the efficiency of the mobile workforce while improving its own efficiencyand desired results the approach to enterprise mobility shall be :
  • Giving mobile workers anywhere, anytime access to the data.
  • Leveraging the existing infrastructure investment
  • Ensuring the security of enterprise data once it goes mobile – OTA - over the air and on the device.
  • Scaling across the number of users and the types of devices – without restricting the mobile workforce to any specific class or brand of mobile phone.
  • Minimizing the steep learning curve for delivering native mobile applications – with choices that include the use of existing development tools or integrating mobile platforms.
Launching of your Business Suite Application

Splash Screen

Business Suite Mobile application starts with Splash Screen.

Login to your Business Suite Application

Login Screen

Business Suite Mobile application has aesthetic looking login screen with features for forget password and signup.

Manage your list of Activities

Landing Page

Business Suite Mobile application has beutiful landing page, which is well managed with activity tiled in blocks. User can select activity from tile screen and submit data to cloud server.

Set your reminders in Business Suite Calendar

Android Calendar

Business Suite Mobile application is intefrated with native android calendar.

Help you locate the exact location of the user

Contact Management

Business Suite has smart Contact creations from mobile apllication CRM has very simple and user friendly interface to create new Contacts.

Contact details of any lead or business

Inner Screen

Business Suite Mobile application has contact page to submit data of any lead or business or contact from smart phone.

Get signature of client for accountability

Sign Pad

Business Suite Mobile application has smart feature of Sign Pad. This will allow CRM user to get signature of client or prospect for accountability.

Google Map

Business Suite Mobile application is integrated with Google based API, This will locate exact location of user.